Northeast motorsports expo Jan 7-9!

Come check out FLRR January 7-9 at the Northeast Motorsports Expo in Augusta, Maine! We will have one of our cars on display and all of the information needed to secure your night in our ride for 2022! Our partners Turn 4 Automotive will also be on hand with a plethora of new Zamp safety equipment and other racing items. Stop by for your chance to win some great prizes!

Welcome to flrr!

Welcome to First Lap Race Car Rental! We are changing the way for you to get on track! Say so long to the days of buying a truck and trailer, tools, an old shotty built race car and hoping everything works well once you get to the track.

We at FLRR will take the guessing game of when you’ll be ready and supply you with a competitive, safe, and well built race car ready to attack the track! Our cars are built for the Cruiser division at Oxford Plains Speedway. The Cruisers feature american made front wheel drive production based stock cars with handling and safety enhancements. So get out of the stands and behind the wheel!